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Bagley Family

What a big year it has been for our family. The biggest news is that Thomas has been called on, and is serving, a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has been assigned to the Utah Ogden Mission and is currently serving in the city of Ogden.

Thomas and Karen at Thomas' graduation from James Clemons High School.Thomas graduated from James Clemens High School in May and then left for his mission in July. We won't see him until he returns on July 4, 2016. We look forward to his weekly email updates and the pictures he sends. He is very happy and doing well. We will get to skype or facetime with him on Christmas and Mother's Day. Thomas was accepted at Brigham Young University and will attend there starting in the fall of 2016.

Kaylyn started high school and early morning seminary this year. She is marching in the band and playing the trumpet. She is positioned on the field front and center. The best place to see Kaylyn, and the game, is on the fifty yard line. James Clemens is playing good this year so that's been fun. Kaylyn has really gotten into college football and has been watching it with her dad, for which he is grateful, as his other college football buddy left on his mission.

Kaylyn earned her Young Womanhood Recognition awardKaylyn has her driving learners permit and is making great progress. She's been wanting to drive ever since Thomas started driving a few years ago. Kaylyn is student directing the musical, "Peter Pan Jr.," at Columbia Elementary school. Kaylyn earned her Young Womanhood Recognition Award in August.

Tyler started Boy Scouts in June after earning his Arrow of Light award in Cub Scouts. He's earned his Tenderfoot rank and is well on his way to his Second Class rank. He loves scouting and camping. He's earned his Family Life merit badge and is working on his Personal Fitness and Personal Management merit badges.

Tyler performing as Grandpa Joe in the musical Willie Wanka Jr.Tyler performed as "Grandpa Joe" in the Columbia Elementary school musical, "Willie Wanka and the Chocolate Factory," in Febrauary. He did great and has really shown a love for acting. He has been cast as "Captain Hook" for the upcoming "Peter Pan Jr." musical in January.

Tyler loves chess and has joined the Columbia Elementary Chess Club. He competed recently in a Madison Chess tournament along with both of his sisters and played very well. He and his sisters are looking forward to upcoming tournaments.

Katie and Dane at Katie's baptism.Katie was baptised this year by her father and she was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by her grandfather, Larry Bagley. She started activity days with other girls at church her age. Katie is learning the piano and shows a good aptitude for music. Often when she is done practicing her pieces she just plays on the piano by ear. She is just learning chess and had a lot of fun at her recent chess tournament.

Katie at the chess tournament.Katie can turn a perfect cartwheel and loves to show off her cartwheels anywhere she can find space. In our family vacation to Nauvoo this summer, Katie loved turning cartwheels in any historic building that had the space just so that she could say she had been there and done that! She can also go across the monkey bars and then turn around and go back the other way.

Karen's back has slowed her down this year but it is getting better. Karen has taken on the huge project of co-directing the "Peter Pan Jr.," musical at Columbia Elementary school with our great friend and neighbor, Jenny Webb. It's going to be a ton of fun, and lots of work for her and everyone involved.

Karen loves photography and making our yearly family blog book. Whenever there is potiential for beautiful pictures she'll have her camera by her side.

Dane has had an eventful year too. He had Z-LASIK surgery in February by Dr. Stewart Shofner and has loved the vision and Thomas at the Nauvoo Temple.the experience. His 2012 novel, "Fear and Aggression," was picked up by a publisher and will have the second edition published, November 11, 2014.

His practice, Perfect Optical Eyecare Center, has continued to grow and he enjoys seeing patients there. He continues to serve as the bishop of our congregation, Madison 3rd Ward, and is blessed to have wonderful counselors and great people serving with him there. He loves to write and is working on his second Novel, "The Promise Land."

The Nauvoo Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We took a family trip to Nauvoo, IL and Saint Louis this summer. Thomas went to the Nauvoo Temple for his endowments. We enjoyed all the shows and historical building with Grandpa and Grandma Bagley.

Bagley, Stevens, and Miller family 2014

Karen's family all came for a last hurrah trip before Thomas left to Utah for his mission. Grandma Sue had all of her grandchildren together under one roof for the first and, likely, last time in many years.